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Enabling mobility for all

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Not all good projects start from a garage building computers. There are others that begin as a research project by a student at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. In 2018, a biomechanical engineer, an engineering manager and an engineering school professor decided to join forces to create Able human motion and develop a robotic exoskeleton to facilitate the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries. After four years of building several prototypes, testing on 130 patients and 200,000 steps, they have now completed the first accessible, lightweight robotic exoskeleton that allows people with mobility problems to walk again during clinical rehabilitation.

From Proto&GO! we are proud to have collaborated with the project practically from the beginning, and thanks to the manufacture of parts in the CNC machining workshop that our brand has. It all started with the manufacture of the first prototypes and then we carried out a study to optimise production costs, followed by the serial production of all the parts contained in the exoskeleton. Practically the entire Proto&GO! team has been involved in the project, which over the last three years has strived to achieve one of the most innovative exoskeletons to date.

The device is accompanied by ABLE Care, a mobile application that enables personalised, data-driven therapy to improve users’ rehabilitation.

It is encouraging to see that the company Able human motion is working to certify the device as a medical device and to start marketing it later this year. Right now there are several clinics, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe, that are interested in buying the device when it is released.

The next challenge for these three entrepreneurs is to create a new product that is more customisable, cheaper and that users can use from home on a daily basis.

The robotic exoskeleton project is a very brave and innovative initiative that has a great impact on society and the lives of people with mobility problems. We are confident that it will continue to be successful and help many people.