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Which industries are betting on polyurethane vacuum casting?

. Vacuum casting in silicone molds is a versatile technology with many different applications and uses. Its ability to create complex and precise parts and components makes it an ideal choice for high quality.

This technology is a relatively inexpensive and fairly fast option, so many industries have already opted for it for the manufacture of parts and prototypes.

In this article we will tell you about some of these industries or sectors:

Industries using vacuum casting for the manufacture of their parts

Firstly, we can highlight the medical industry, where this process is normally used to produce prototypes and small quantities of components such as: surgical instruments, prostheses and implantable devices.

On the other hand, for the automotive industry, it is a very useful technology for producing small, complex parts such as interior trim, switches and dials, and larger parts such as instrument and body panels.

Similarly, in the consumer electronics industry, vacuum casting in silicone molds is commonly used for low volume, high quality prototyping and for the production of parts in short series of devices such as: phones, laptops, housings or wearable technology.

Another industry that is committed to this manufacturing process is the aerospace industry. This technology can be used to manufacture precision aerospace components due to the high accuracy and repeatability it offers. Components such as air ducts, fuel systems and some parts of aircraft exteriors are manufactured by vacuum casting.

On the other hand, vacuum casting is also used to manufacture complex consumer goods such as toys, producing high-precision parts that are ideal for consumer use.

Finally, another example of an industry that uses the vacuum casting process in silicone molds is the food industry, where it is used for the creation of molds, packaging components…

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In all these sectors, vacuum casting in silicone molds is chosen for its ability to produce high quality, precision parts with a smooth surface finish. This factor makes it ideal for applications where appearance and functionality are critical.

Another major advantage is that the process is relatively fast and cost-effective for low-volume production runs, as the silicone molds are capable of producing multiple parts without high tooling costs.

In short, we can say that it is essential to master the design and manufacturing process of this technology to achieve superior quality of parts and prototypes, high production efficiency and, ultimately, project success.

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