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Key industries using CNC machining

CNC machining is a technology used in many industries because of all the advantages it offers. It can fulfill different specific functions using different techniques, which makes it possible to produce parts that are ideal for many industrial fields.

In this article we tell you about the main industries that benefit from the manufacture of parts and prototypes by CNC machining:

Medical industry

In both the medical and dental sectors, a number of frequently used instruments and components are necessary and require a complex design to fulfill their functions. This design is achieved through machined parts.

The most common examples are orthopedic parts, prostheses and implants, although CNC machining can also be used for the manufacture of dental instruments or turned stainless steel parts such as forceps, biopsy tubes or surgical scissors.

CNC machining is the ideal manufacturing process for this industry, as it offers high precision and, above all, is excellent for the production of small quantities or, on some occasions, even customized single quantities for individual patients.

Aerospace industry

CNC machining has redefined the design, manufacture and performance of aerospace parts by ideally combining precision with speed and versatility.

This technology is used to produce numerous aerospace parts and components such as engine components (engine casings, combustion chambers, compressors…) or structural components (airframes, wing spars…).

It is a manufacturing process that offers a number of advantages in this sector, such as the manufacture of complex parts, design flexibility and constant innovation.

Automotive industry

In the case of the automotive industry, it is a sector that is constantly evolving and always looking for new techniques to improve efficiency and quality in vehicle manufacturing. For this, one of the most effective solutions has been the use of CNC machines.

This technology is used in the automotive industry, especially in the manufacture of performance-critical components such as engines, gears and transmission systems.

In short, CNC machining offers greater precision, efficiency and automation in the production of parts and components in the automotive sector.

Electronics industry

CNC machining of parts provides the electronics industry with an efficient, accurate and versatile method of manufacturing components. It is used in a wide range of applications in this industry, from small portable devices to high-end industrial equipment.

Some of the most common applications in this industry are:

  • Electronic housings or enclosures that protect electronic components and also provide an aesthetic appearance.
  • Connectors and plugs.
  • Customized electronic components such as sensor brackets, pins or other small and complex components used in electronic devices.

Energy industry

Currently and increasingly, innovation in energy production is being sought in order to find sustainable and renewable techniques. For this, machined parts are in high demand.

CNC machining has positively influenced the manufacture of components such as wind turbine blades or solar panels, improving production efficiency and part strength.

In short, machined parts are used in many industries and are used to create a wide variety of more or less complex systems.

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