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Benefits of CNC machined prototypes

In CNC machining processes, the incorporation of computer technology is essential since all industrial processes are connected to a computer system. This is why the term CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is used.


This process has some major advantages. In this article, we expose some of them to provide you with a broader knowledge about the implementation of these technologies in your projects and about the final result of the parts and prototypes created through this process.

Main benefits of CNC machining of parts

1. Faster production processes

CNC machining allows you to go faster in your daily work. This means that more product is produced in a shorter time, which has a positive influence on the increase of productivity and, therefore, on the proper functioning of the company and the economy.

2. Continuous manufacturing process

Since it is a technology, it is in continuous operation, it does not wear out or get tired (unlike processes in which humans are required to manufacture the product).

3. Increased job safety

As human intervention is reduced, so are workplace accidents. This is a factor to be taken into account since the prevention of occupational risks is really important in a company.

4. Waste reduction

CNC machinery plays a key role in reducing metal waste, as it has systems designed to manage the chips generated during machining or cutting processes. These chips normally accumulate in workshops without a specific purpose.

The incorporation of automatic systems for this chip removal helps to maintain cleaner workspaces. Thanks to this, these systems offer an optimal solution for working with metals in various forms: they improve the management of cuts to ensure maximum utilization and, in addition, they have the ability to separate different types of chips, facilitating their reuse and recycling.

5. High precision and accuracy

In the process of creating and manufacturing parts and prototypes it is very difficult to achieve perfection. However, computer-controlled machinery tends to function exactly as instructed, with no errors or failures in the process (and, therefore, in the final product). For this reason, CNC machining is an excellent process if you are looking for high precision and quality in the production of parts and prototypes.

6. Wide range of materials

CNC machining of parts offers a wide range of compatible materials. Commonly, aluminum machining can be expertly performed, along with plastic machining, stainless steel, magnesium, bronze, copper, brass, and many other materials.

7. Cost-effectiveness and repeatability

This process allows the production of large quantities of identical parts, which guarantees the consistency of part quality.

In addition, CNC prototyping proves to be economically profitable in the long run, despite the fact that the initial investment is higher than traditional methods. Reduced reliance on labor and the ability to generate parts quickly and accurately generate significant long-term savings. The speed and efficiency of CNC prototyping also shortens production times, thus reducing labor costs. In addition, this method reduces the need for rework, a costly and time-consuming process. The ability to produce accurate prototypes in a shorter time also accelerates overall development, enabling earlier time to market.

8. Flexibility

Adjustments to the design can be easily implemented using the computer software, and the machine can adapt to these modifications quickly. Likewise, this flexibility allows manufacturers to respond nimbly to changing demands and make design modifications without incurring significant costs. In addition, it allows the possibility of creating prototypes with complex geometries, something that cannot be achieved by traditional prototyping methods.

How is the CNC machining service at Proto&Go!?

We provide industrial machining services through our advanced CNC machining centers (equipped with 3, 4 and 5 axes of last generation). Thanks to our high quality online machining service, we can provide quotations and feasibility assessments in less than 24 hours.

At Proto&Go!, we follow the Lean philosophy in all our machining processes, which is based on the optimization of resources and the elimination of waste, i.e. those activities or processes that do not add value. In this way we are able to optimize production, reduce response times and offer a faster and more efficient service. In addition, all our parts are subjected to strict quality control to ensure compliance with our customers’ specifications and design requirements.

All of these reasons make machining of CNC prototype ideal for many applications, such as presentation models or test runs. This is an essential step before giving final approval to the product and moving to mass production.

On the other hand, machining of CNC parts is also an ideal option for the manufacture of parts due to the speed and cost-effectiveness of the process, and the quality and accuracy of the final product.

At Proto&Go! we make it easy for you.

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