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CNC machining for your parts and prototypes

In the past, prototyping and part creation used to be a long and expensive process. Today, however, their modern and fast creation provides the possibility of materialize ideas in a matter of days. CNC machining is a productive process that stands out as an excellent alternative for the fast production of prototypes and parts.

Benefits of CNC machined prototypes

  1. Structural integrity: Defined as the strength, stiffness and toughness of the material, it is probably the most important of the standard properties. With additive manufacturing procedures (or 3D printing), perfect consolidation of layers is not always achieved. This may result in voids, porosity or layer displacement. In contrast, by means of subtractive manufacturing (CNC machining), the prototype is carved from a solid and uniform material, thus reducing the probability of presenting geometric discontinuities.
  2. Precision and quality: CNC machining is one of the most reliable methods for manufacturing parts and prototypes with complex tolerance requirements. It can adhere to extremely tight tolerances, down to a ten-thousandth of an inch, compared to 3D printing, which can only hold tolerances of a few thousandths of an inch (about an order of magnitude lower). On the other hand, the quality of these prototypes is excellent and can even be improved by implementing sophisticated finishing processes. These qualities make the CNC machining process ideal for manufacturing parts and prototypes for your projects.
  3. Material selection: The creation of parts and prototypes can be done with a wide variety of materials: soft, moldable, hard, rigid and even machining can be done in aluminum, plastic or metal alloys.
  4. Modifications: In case that modifications or corrections to the design are required during the development phase, making them is a simple task. Simply correct the initial CAD design and reprogram the machine.

CNC machining online: the manufacturing tools you need

Nowadays, there is the possibility to order virtually any service online, and in the case of CNC machining process for your parts and prototypes, this is no exception.

Through the website of Proto&Go! we make this process easier for you:

All you have to do is upload your CAD files to our platform to make the management process as fast and efficient as possible. Please note that the 3D file is essential for quoting and should only contain a single part. The following formats are accepted: stp, .step, .sldprt, .x_t, .x_b, .ipt, .catpart, .prt, .sat, .3dm.

To indicate the threads present in a part you must upload a drawing in .pdf format and assign it to its corresponding part – 3D file.

It is no longer necessary to invest time in making all the annotations in the exploded drawings, the 3D file is enough to obtain the quotation and manufacture the parts.

It is important to note that our system does not work with 2D files of any kind. The 2D files we request are only required to define the characteristics of the threads, if the part contains any.

Why use CNC machining to manufacture your parts?

In summary, CNC machining is ideal for manufacturing parts and prototypes for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, for the accuracy and precision it offers thanks to the controls that monitor the cutting tool. These automated controls evaluate all aspects of your design, ensuring that the prototype produced is true to the desired reproduction.

In addition, opting for CNC machining can expedite part production more quickly and efficiently. It differs from other production processes (such as injection molding), where the manufacturer and product developer must wait for the molds to be finished. CNC machining is perfect for making prototypes with unique or complex shapes due to its high customization capabilities.

In short, CNC machining of parts offers exceptional accuracy, quality and repeatability.

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