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The importance of Inspection Equipment in the machining process

CNC machining has established itself as a crucial production technique in numerous industries. The precision and efficiency provided by this method is unparalleled, radically transforming the manufacturing of parts and prototypes.

However, to ensure that CNC machining produces high quality parts, precision inspection equipment is essential.

In this article, we tell you about the relevance of inspection equipment in CNC machining processes and how these tools are essential to ensure the quality and accuracy of machined parts.

What is inspection equipment in the CNC machining process?

Inspection equipment are tools used to measure and verify the quality and accuracy of machined parts. This equipment can include different types of tools or machinery, each with a different purpose: manual measuring tools, such as micrometers or calipers; coordinate measuring machines; optical measuring machines…

This inspection equipment is an essential step in the manufacture of parts by CNC machining, as it ensures that the parts meet the required tolerances and specifications. If a part does not comply with the established requirements, it may be defective and this may affect its correct operation.

Different types of measuring machines

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)

CMMs, or coordinate measuring machines, are high-precision inspection equipment for measuring the geometry of CNC machined parts. The process of these machines consists of measuring the X, Y and Z coordinates of the part through a mechanical arm that moves in different directions.

It is an indispensable tool for ensuring the accuracy of machined parts, as it can detect even the smallest deviations from the required specifications.

Optical measuring machines

Optical measuring machines are other inspection tools that use laser scanning technology to measure the geometry of 3D parts.

Compared to CMMs, optical measuring machines are the best choice for measuring complex geometries or parts with irregular shapes that may be difficult to measure with other machinery. In addition, they are also excellent machines for measuring the surface of the part and detecting any type of defect such as cracks or porosity.

Non-contact measuring machines

Non-contact measuring machines are inspection equipment that use laser or structured light scanning technology to measure the geometry of parts.

In the same way as coordinate measuring machines, these machines can measure the part geometry in 3D, in this case without touching the part, which makes them ideal for delicate or irregular parts.

The importance of quality control of CNC machined parts

In the manufacture of parts by CNC machining is essential to ensure the accuracy of the parts, that is, we must perform a strict quality control at all stages of the process.

First, it is important to inspect the first part, which must meet all design specifications and tolerances, as well as quality standards. This is a fundamental step, since this part will serve as a reference for the manufacture of subsequent parts.

On the other hand, periodic inspections should also be carried out during the process so that corrective action can be taken when necessary. In this way, consistent precision and quality of the parts is guaranteed.

Finally, a final inspection is required once the parts are finished. In this step, the parts are once again checked for compliance with design and quality standards before delivery.

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